Japanese Punk bands rooool!

I'm not sure what we were doing but it was fun.

I'm not sure what we were doing but it was fun.

Last night I was lucky enough to see the Japanese punk band Secret 7 Line at one of the few live music venues in Shanghai, YuYinTang.

They were super special.


It could have just been that I was quite drunk but I doubt it.  Secret 7 Line rocked.  Their songs were all in English and they did a couple of excellent punk covers.  Tubthumping was good but I loved their cover of ‘Had a bad day’ by Gavin Degraw.  The guys in the band were friendly and their English was much better than my Japanese so my advice is check them out.

As for Yu Yin Tang as a venue I liked it.  It was small, dark and drinks were cheap (for Shanghai bar prices).  There were quite a few foreigners there but I guess Chinese people just don’t like this music very much (someone let me know if I’m way off) ?  The Chinese that were there were really into the music and I discovered that moshing and mosh pits seem to transcend language barriers (I have a couple of odd bruises today that back that up).

So, in short, I’m definitely going back sometime soon…


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