Dog vs Monkey!

No no this isn’t a lame reference to a previous post on the excellent movie Eagle vs Shark.

Anyone that knows me knows my family has had pet dogs since I was born (the latest new canine Shove is Daisy).

Anyone that knows me well will know I’m a fan of our primate friends.

Anyone that knows me very well will know I regularly read Monkeys In The News to keep up to date (seriously, there is primate research/news often publicized there that sheds light or perhaps familiar shadows on the human condition. Oh, and there are funny monkey pictures too).

But never did I expect these interests to collide on youtube under the title ‘Dog Vs Monkey.

I’m not sure why I think its interesting or funny. Is it the way the monkeys toy with the dogs as though they know they’re in charge? Is it the way the dogs seem to play with the monkeys the same way they would play with humans? Is it just nice to see two species managing to get along well?

Is it big or funny? or am I just a wrong’un?  you decide.


One response to “Dog vs Monkey!

  1. That first video of the monkey pulling the dog’s tail might be the funniest thing I have ever seen…

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