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Dog vs Monkey!

No no this isn’t a lame reference to a previous post on the excellent movie Eagle vs Shark.

Anyone that knows me knows my family has had pet dogs since I was born (the latest new canine Shove is Daisy).

Anyone that knows me well will know I’m a fan of our primate friends. Continue reading


The Mars Volta – weirdest band evarrr?

Can you see why for the first 5 minutes I thought the singer was a woman?

Last Friday night I was lucky enough to get a free ticket and my name on the guest list (thanks Tony!) to see The Mars Volta. It was a good night, I got to see parts of the Brixton Academy new to me even though I’ve been there a fair number of times in the last decade. However, the gig itself was decidedly odd… Continue reading

My Eyes, my EYES!

This is yet another non investment banking related post I know (really, I will post some more. Just as soon as I get time away from my investment banking related job….)

I’m always interested in how we work and in particular our brains. Another example of our brains trying to do something clever with the information they receive is this optical illusion :- Continue reading

MMwaaahaaHaaaaa. or something.

I was quite upset to find out which super vilain I am most like. I’d have much rather been Dr. Doom or Doomsday. Oh well….

Your results:
You are Riddler Continue reading

First post!

This blog is somewhere for me to store the things I would otherwise forget. This includes technical geeky things, technical investment banking things… and I expect even more things that I can’t think of right now.

‘mnemonic’ as its an aide to my memory, ‘flotsam’ as it might cover the things that my brain chooses to throw overboard. maybe.

Its possible this blog might prove useful to others but I promise nothing just yet.