Free Geek Books!

As I’m now getting back into work-mode (watching Wall street: money never sleeps counts as research) I recently got around to reading  The Pragmatic Programmer and took heed of a few of its points.  I particularly liked the reminder to invest in yourself by reading a new tech book every quarter.

This combined serendipitously with stumbling upon a list of free techie ebooks so now I’m going to be spending each spare 10 minute slot investing in me.

I’ve looked around for other free or decent pay-for techie books via iTunes seem thin on the ground.  Amazon seems the best bet.

Anyone got any recommendations or suggestions (nothing obscene) on how to fill those idle 10 minutes of me time with geekery?


3 responses to “Free Geek Books!

  1. I’ve got the new edition of Effective Java on Kindle on my iphone. Quite readable on the small screen, but was way more expensive than it should be. Worth it for something that is useful to have to hand.

    I also bought Brian Cox’s book on general relativity, but that is much worse as an ebook on a mobile. I think it is because it is more of a cover to cover read and that is just a little annoying as you turn the page too often on the small screen.

  2. Good point, I could do with a copy of Effective Java here in China if, you know, I actually get a job.

    and yep, the 5%ish discount for it not being a physical version does seem kinda lame..

    Hope all is well at… RBS?

  3. Actually quite a good waiting-for-the-tube eBook is java puzzlers .

    Small bite sized puzzles that are both annoying and interesting in equal measure.

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