Free the gnomes! Buy a T-shirt!

wolfmother gnome tee

I recently heard of the yellow bird project , a nice simple idea which allows the people running the company to make money for charity whilst interacting with and supporting the musicians they like.

T-shirts designed by Wolfmother, Clap your hands say yeah and The Shins are available along with many more.

If you, like me, like quasi-unique T-shirts, music and doing your bit for charity I’d recommend you check them out.

I’ll be purchasing Wolfmother’s design to help release gnomes from the shackles of human opression (and make some money for the Teenage Cancer Trust on the side)


One response to “Free the gnomes! Buy a T-shirt!

  1. This is really cool!

    Thanks for the info… Will defs be buying a ladies Shins t-shirt for my gf!

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