I told you, I’m not allowed to argue unless you’ve paid!

Attribution to the Pythons for the title.

I need to finally come out. I’m a big fan of Stephen Fry’s work.

Mostly this is due to watching epiode after episode of QI and it making me feel as though it makes me cleverer.

However I recently stumbled upon his blog here and found he too is a big fat geek. If you like words, technology or just, you know, fun I’d recommend reading it.

A recent post which stood out to me though is this one. Its a little rambly (no bad thing) but its central point is Heated debate is good. We need not take it personally, and someone might just learn something.

As an argumentative short person with a napoleon complex I agree but don’t want to sound too much like a Daily Mail Reader (sorry Daily Mail readers, I’m sure the sports coverage is great but you know the stereotype) and be-moan the state of the country today, the education system and how policemen are looking younger these days.

Reasoned debate is good. Listening to and hearing other peoples’ side of the argument is great and learning from someone who knows more on a subject than you is like finding gold.


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