“I’m so complex!”

Shark vs Eagle image

Films (movies to any Americans reading) in which nothing dramatic or world changing happens but this nothing happens in a hilarious and often believably poignant and awkward way are increasing in popularity.Napolean Dynamite, Superbad and most recently (for me) Eagle versus Shark for example. I just finished watching the later and its probably my favourite. With painfully funny dry humour typical of antipdeans and excellent acting it beats the american-pieish Superbad and trounces Napoleon Dynamite as it is more consistently funny. But please, don’t take my word for it, watch it and let me know what you think.ok, I told myself I wouldn’t…. but just one more quote;Man on phone: D’you want to leave a message?Jarrod: Tell him that justice is waiting for him.Man on phone: OK Justin. Thank you. Bye bye.[hangs up]Jarrod: No, justice. Justice.


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